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How I Can Help

Welcome! I'm Jan, an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor dedicated to helping individuals and couples in overcoming a diverse array of challenges. Whether you're struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, relationship complexities, work-related struggles, family discord, trauma, abuse, or feelings of loneliness, I'm here to help. I offer both in-person and online sessions, giving you the flexibility to engage wherever you live, however you are most comfortable.

There are times in life when we all need some extra help and support with challenges and difficulties we are facing. There may be concerns you have about the future, or worries in life now.  Perhaps events from the past are affecting your life in a negative way, or causing distress. Or it could be a mixture of all three.


Feeling safe, in a non-judgemental space, enables us to be heard, and make sense of what we need and want, providing support through emotional and life difficulties. With personal change and growth we can feel more empowered, with greater resilience and clarity of what we want from life, and how to get it.

My Experience

I’m Jan, a fully accredited psychotherapist with the ​UK Council for Psychotherapy and have been helping individuals, couples and businesses be the best version of themselves for over 16 years. 


I'm a master in NLP, have a diplomas in supervision & hypnotherapy and have been in continual training throughout my career. I regularly adopt a trauma informed approach, practice body (somatic psychotherapy) and work with parts theory. I use this broad knowledge base to tailor my approach to the needs of the individuals.

Prior to finding my calling in therapy I ran my own private businesses for over 30 years

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